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We will begin by defining what a teaser is before going into the details of the NFL teaser strategy. A teaser is a bet that involves two or multiple teams with extra points meant to be used at a point spread on a lessened payout. Basically, it can be termed as purchasing a particular number of points. The bonus points attained can always be used on teasing whichever side of the game you prefer. In this article, we will provide some guidelines on how to be successful while engaging in the NFL teaser strategy.

Ordinary Teaser Strategy

Teasers are given in varied numbers for different kind of sports and also at different return rates. The number of points and games that you can purchase all depends on two factors; the sport you choose and the position on which you place your bets. These two factors will also determine how much it will cost you to buy your points and games. On this strategy, you can download online teaser betting books that will feed you with plenty of betting options on your preferred sport.

Teaser Rules on Pushes

men playing betThe rules applied for pushes on the teaser betting strategy are usually similar. For instance, you get to lose the wager even if it is only a single leg of your teaser that has lost. Nevertheless, even though you will not win the wager, you will manage to lessen the teams in the wager if you manage a win on the other side. Note that if you are a 3-team and get to win two legs while losing one of them you will be considered as a 2-team.

Footballer Teaser Guide

From history, research has it that the best numbers are usually the tiny circular underdogs. Teasing these numbers up by using the three and seven key numbers enables the teaser to reap a reasonable amount of profit. A basic strategy that football teasers can use to be successful will involve teasing underdogs from +1.5 to +2.5 up 6 points. With that, you can be able to cross the 3 and 7 key numbers and obtain +7.5 to +8.5. With these two you have a great probability of being successful in your teaser bets.

Basketball Teaser Guide

Basketball TeaserBasketball teasers operate differently from the football teasers in that they get lesser points and the key numbers are not the same. On college basketball teasing the road favorite are the best teams for winning on your teaser bets. On the NBA, the teaser gets a great chance of winning only if they land on the sweet spot of winning 5 to 7 points in a minute.

If you have been in the NFL teasing game and you are pretty tired of losing the and guide given above could be your gateway to fruitful sports teasing sessions. With this strategy, there are some basic split rules that you should follow to be on the winning team. These include; you should never split tens, you should always split the aces to be on the safe side. Also note that from seventeen going upwards stands but on eleven it doubles.